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"The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night's sleep."
E. Joseph Cossman
Calm, relaxing and soothing sleep sounds professionally produced for you.
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Soft Rain


The simple sound soft rain falling with a gentle pitter-patter provides a perfect natural backdrop for relaxation and sleep.  It is the perfect sound to help your baby settle down and fall to sleep.

However, it rarely rains exactly when you want it to!

Our Sleep Sound Baby Soft Rain sound provides all the benefits of having your own private rain shower at your command.

We have digitally captured the true sound of a soft rain shower to provide a high quality environment changing recording.

Additionally, as you play the sound, you can individually alter the volume and tone settings to provide the exact level to suit your requirements.

Soft Rain  is available as a simple MP3 download.  The MP3 can be played directly from your computer or via any MP3 player.  You can be playing this soothing sound to your baby in just a few minutes and provide that comforting sound at the touch of a button.


Quality sounds from Sound Sleep Studios.

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MP3 Downloads
Soft Rain 15 Minutes $1.99
Soft Rain 60 Minutes $2.99
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The Collection - All nine sounds $9.99

The Collection of Sounds

Special features

Babies are calmed and soothed by this sound.
Real sounds digitally recorded in full stereo.
Sounds professionally produced to reduce unwanted noises.
Specifically mastered for delicate tiny ears .
Soft fade In and Out for virtual endless play in repeat mode.
Professionally produced in a 64 track Digital Recording Studio.
Environmentally friendly MP3 download – No CD postage.








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