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What is White Noise?


White noise is a sound that contains all frequencies in a similar manner that white light contains light of all colors.

In nature, natural white noise can be found in many sounds such as a cascading waterfall, the crash of ocean waves, the rush of a river or the fall of gentle rain.

For adults, some of these natural sounds provide a very relaxing and sleep inducing atmosphere.  Additionally, some sounds may also evoke warm memories of a certain time and place to provide further means to unwind and de-stress.

White noise can also be found as an underlying feature of many man made sounds such as hair dryers, fans, static on the radio, a shower and even a dishwasher.

Interestingly, for babies, white noise sounds, both natural and man-made, provide a calming soothing comforting effect which relaxes the baby and helps them to fall asleep.

An additional bonus effect of white noise is that it does mask-out other unwanted noises.   So, a gentle white noise sound played in the nursery will cover any distracting sounds in the rest of the house, or even outside, and simultaneously provides the calming soothing comforting effect for your baby



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